3-Tab shingles
3 tab shingles
     vs.   Architectural shingles
architectural shingles

Chances are that your home currently has 3-tab shingles. As the name describes the shingle configuration leaves 12” wide tabs exposed with 1/4” slot lines or rain groves. Though definitely functional, the 3-tab shingle has lost much of its popularity due to the introduction of the architectural or dementional shingle. Architectural shingles are modeled after the look of cedar shake shingles without the fire hazard, insect problems, rotting, and expense. An architectural shingle can increase the curb appeal and re-sale value of your home. Other advantages include heavier weight and thicker (reducing blow-offs), less potential for curling, and they have a textured uneven look for a clean appearance when applied over badly deteriorated roofing.